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  1. Business DisputesBusiness disputes are rarely just about money. Oftentimes, they involve a breach of trust or a fundamental disagreement about the terms or operation of the parties’ business arrangement. Some of these disputes can only be resolved through litigation. Others can be resolved through negotiation and compromise. In either case, the focus remains the same: obtaining […]Read More
  2. Investment LossesMany attorneys who handle securities arbitration and litigation approach cases from a single point of view. This is because an investment losses attorney usually will only represent investors or financial advisers and brokerage firms. They tend to see cases through the eyes of their chosen client-type, and forget there is often another side to the […]Read More
  3. Copyright & Patent LitigationThe world runs on great ideas. Some are embodied in song. Others are embodied in works of visual art. Still others form the basis for complex machinery. Whatever their form, great ideas have value. Like all things that have value, great ideas are subject to being stolen by others. The “idea thieves” are eager to […]Read More
  4. F&I DisputesHiring a law firm that understands how your industry and its products work can give you a big edge and save you lots of time trying to educate your attorney. Bartle & Marcus has been representing clients in the F&I industry for 15 years. Our results speak for themselves. We have recovered millions of dollars […]Read More
  5. Whistleblower ClaimsYou pay taxes. Your tax dollars are used to support important government programs—programs that help train and equip our armed forces; programs that help provide food and shelter for those who cannot afford it; programs that help drive medical research on possible cures for life-threatening diseases. Unfortunately, every day, a portion of this money is […]Read More